About Me

Hello, I am glad you came here to read about me. My name is Vasanth Srivatsa and I am from India. I started working with computers when I was some 6 years old. My father is a developer and I am too. I work and play on computers as I love doing just anything on computers. I can speak in, Kannada (Mother Tounge), Hindi, Telegu, and English. My schooling has been done in Kendriya Vidyalaya and currently, I am studying Intermediate. Other than computers, I also read about Nuclear Energy, Physics, Cosmos etc.

About Vasanth Developer

Vasanth Developer has been my local computer’s username for a long time, but on February 20, 2017. I started a YouTube channel name Vasanth Developer because I could not find a tutorial I wanted in a good quality, so after sorting my problem I decided to make a YouTube video in a better quality and opened a channel with that intention. Vasanth Developer should not be considered a tech channel. Yes, that is because most of the tech channels today just give you reviews, unboxing etc. But not anything really technical. Vasanth Developer should be considered as a developer channel rather than calling it a tech channel. Here at VasanthDeveloper.com, you will be getting my blog posts which are tutorials about anything in computers and also written articles to my YouTube videos. Below are some milestones for Vasanth Developer YouTube channel:

Event Date Description
First 100 Subscribers 20, October 2017 So lucky to have my first 100 subscribers on my birthday!
Registered “vasanthdeveloper.com” 15, August 2017 I needed to create a website for writing written posts for my YouTube videos.
Completed 50,000 Total Views 18, February 2018 Hmm… another 50K to go!

Thank You

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