Welcome to Vasanth Developer!

Welcome to Vasanth Developer!

Hello. Welcome to my website (revision 3), in this first article, I would like to share why I haven’t been uploading any YouTube videos and what happened to all of the previous articles in this website.

My Exams

So, I have been trying to complete my intermediate for the past 3 years. And this is my third attempt to pass the exams, as I am extremely bad at sitting and studying with book in the traditional way, and in March of 2019 I have the final exams, in which I have to get passed at any cost. Just in-case I fail, my life is gonna change.

The Community Strike

28 October, 2018 was the worst day in my life as I received my first community strike from YouTube. After reading the community guideline, I understand, admit and regret; the problem was with me. I uploaded a video named: 2 Best Free YouTube Downloaders, in which I was showing how one can download a video from YouTube using two different free websites. And; it was against the YouTube Community Guidelines.

YouTube Strike

After reading this devastating message, I literally lost my intrest in making anymore YouTube videos. But because of those great comments I received on my channel, and after a bit of “watching my own videos” and getting inspired. I decided not to quit and; stop expecting any views, subscribers or any money. I though to myself:

“My job is to make videos, and I will make them even if there is no monitization.”

Another reason to why I was not producing any videos is that recently I switched my workstation to Linux, and completely got rid of Windows and Google Search .

What happened to previous articles on this website?

To reduce costs, I removed my server at Digital Ocean and moved from Ghost to Hexo, which is a static site generator. And now the website is hosted in GitHub Pages.

All of my previous articles can be found by clicking here and here.

Thank You


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